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Orthoimagery, Topography, and photogrammetric digitization that allows insight to deal with encroachment, and line management for Power Line Systems 
  • We provide…

    • Cost effective Power Transmission ROW Mapping…

      • Digital Terrain Model

      • Digital Surface Model

      • High Resolution Ortho Photography

      • Modeling of the Transmission Power Line Conductors

      • Plan and Profile Sheets

      • NESC Clearance Analysis which exceeds requirements for TX HB4150 submittal/compliance

      • Data compatible with PLS-CADD, and any GIS platform

  • The Beacon difference…

    • Significantly lower pricing due to…

      • Debt Free, founded in 1993, Family Owned/Operated

      • Leveraged outsourcing

        • Augment staff only when needed

      • Use of proven technologies (General Aviation, fixed wing photogrammetry)

        • 1/3-1/2 the cost of LiDAR capture & classification processing

        • up to 500 miles of ROW captured in a single flight

        • Faster and much less expensive than traditional helicopter costs

      • Perfected, repeatable processes

        • over 1,000 mapping projects completed to date

        • Timely accurate deliverables

    • Highly customized deliverables based on customer requirements

    • Highly flexible to meet customer schedules

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