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Beacon Aviation, Inc. offers Geospatial Products and Custom Geospatial Data and Services through this contract. Available Geospatial Core Datasets include: Orthoimagery
Digital Surface Models
Digital Terrain Models 
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Texas DIR Contract #: 

Beacon's Contract Information
DIR Cooperative Contract


 Warranty and Return Policy 
During the warranty period of 6 months from the date of delivery to the DIR, or as specified in the applicable order or scope of work, Beacon warrants that the services, deliverables, products, as authorized and provided by Beacon under this Contract, shall meet or exceed the requirements listed in the order or scope of work.  Beacon shall correct, at no additional cost to the DIR, errors identified during the warranty period that result in Beacon’s failure to meet the project specifications or its contractual obligations.
Designated Order Fulfiller
Marty Gould, VP
Sales and Business Development
Office: 903-768-2001
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